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School Assemblies

School assemblies take place on a Friday from 12:05 pm. They are split so that K-2 classes attend in odd weeks, and 3-6 classes attend in even weeks. 

Please refer to the assembly roster for when your child's class will present their class item.

Assembly Roster 2024

Term 2


W3         2PC

W4         3SO &   3J

W5         2B

W6         3W

W7         2R

W8        4G

W9       KT


Term 3

W2        4B

W3        KD

W4        4R

W5         KIZ

W6         5/6O

W7         KW

W8         5/6G

Term 4

W2         5/6B

W3         1R

W4         5/6CR

W5         1P    

W6         5/6M



W9        Presentation Assembly    

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